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Cosmos SDK Documentation

Cosmos SDK is the world’s most popular framework for building application-specific blockchains.

Getting Started

Read all about the SDK or dive straight into the code with tutorials.

Explore the SDK

Get familiar with the SDK and explore its main concepts.

  • Introduction - High-level overview of the Cosmos SDK.
  • Basics - Anatomy of a blockchain, transaction lifecycle, accounts and more.
  • Core Concepts - Read about the core concepts like baseapp, the store, or the server.
  • Building Modules - Discover how to build modules for the Cosmos SDK.
  • Running a Node - Running and interacting with nodes using the CLI and API.
  • Modules - Explore existing modules to build your application with.

Explore the Stack

Check out the docs for the various parts of the Cosmos stack.

  • Cosmos Hub - The first of thousands of interconnected blockchains on the Cosmos Network.
  • CometBFT - The leading BFT engine for building blockchains, powering Cosmos SDK.

Help & Support