# Messages

In this section we describe the processing of messages for the slashing module.

# Unjail

If a validator was automatically unbonded due to downtime and wishes to come back online & possibly rejoin the bonded set, it must send TxUnjail:

Copy type TxUnjail struct { ValidatorAddr sdk.AccAddress } handleMsgUnjail(tx TxUnjail) validator = getValidator(tx.ValidatorAddr) if validator == nil fail with "No validator found" if !validator.Jailed fail with "Validator not jailed, cannot unjail" info = GetValidatorSigningInfo(operator) if info.Tombstoned fail with "Tombstoned validator cannot be unjailed" if block time < info.JailedUntil fail with "Validator still jailed, cannot unjail until period has expired" validator.Jailed = false setValidator(validator) return

If the validator has enough stake to be in the top n = MaximumBondedValidators, they will be automatically rebonded, and all delegators still delegated to the validator will be rebonded and begin to again collect provisions and rewards.

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