# Subspace

Subspace is a prefixed subspace of the parameter store. Each module who use the parameter store will take a Subspace, not the Keeper, to isolate permission to access.

# Key

Parameter keys are human readable alphanumeric strings. A parameter for the key "ExampleParameter" is stored under []byte("SubspaceName" + "/" + "ExampleParameter"), where "SubspaceName" is the name of the subspace.

Subkeys are secondary parameter keys those are used along with a primary parameter key. Subkeys can be used for grouping or dynamic parameter key generation during runtime.

# KeyTable

All of the parameter keys that will be used should be registered at the compile time. KeyTable is essentially a map[string]attribute, where the string is a parameter key.

Currently, attribute only consists of reflect.Type, which indicates the parameter type. It is needed even if the state machine has no error, because the paraeter can be modified externally, for example via the governance.

Only primary keys have to be registered on the KeyTable. Subkeys inherit the attribute of the primary key.

# ParamSet

Modules often define a struct of parameters. Instead of calling methods with each of those parameters, when the struct implements ParamSet, it can be used with the following methods:

  • KeyTable.RegisterParamSet(): registers all parameters in the struct
  • Subspace.{Get, Set}ParamSet(): Get to & Set from the struct

The implementor should be a pointer in order to use GetParamSet()