# Telemetry

Gather relevant insights about your application and modules with custom metrics and telemetry.

The Cosmos SDK enables operators and developers to gain insight into the performance and behavior of their application through the use of the telemetry package. The Cosmos SDK currently supports enabling in-memory and prometheus as telemetry sinks. This allows the ability to query for and scrape metrics from a single exposed API endpoint -- /metrics?format={text|prometheus}, the default being text.

If telemetry is enabled via configuration, a single global metrics collector is registered via the go-metrics (opens new window) library. This allows emitting and collecting metrics through simple API calls.


Copy func EndBlocker(ctx sdk.Context, k keeper.Keeper) { defer telemetry.ModuleMeasureSince(types.ModuleName, time.Now(), telemetry.MetricKeyEndBlocker) // ... }

Developers may use the telemetry package directly, which provides wrappers around metric APIs that include adding useful labels, or they must use the go-metrics library directly. It is preferable to add as much context and adequate dimensionality to metrics as possible, so the telemetry package is advised. Regardless of the package or method used, the Cosmos SDK supports the following metrics types:

  • gauges
  • summaries
  • counters

# Labels

Certain components of modules will have their name automatically added as a label (e.g. BeginBlock). Operators may also supply the application with a global set of labels that will be applied to all metrics emitted using the telemetry package (e.g. chain-id). Global labels are supplied as a list of [name, value] tuples.


Copy global-labels = [ ["chain_id", "chain-OfXo4V"], ]

# Cardinality

Cardinality is key, specifically label and key cardinality. Cardinality is how many unique values of something there are. So there is naturally a tradeoff between granularity and how much stress is put on the telemetry sink in terms of indexing, scrape, and query performance.

Developers should take care to support metrics with enough dimensionality and granularity to be useful, but not increase the cardinality beyond the sink's limits. A general rule of thumb is to not exceed a cardinality of 10.

Consider the following examples with enough granularity and adequate cardinality:

  • begin/end blocker time
  • tx gas used
  • block gas used
  • amount of tokens minted
  • amount of accounts created

The following examples expose too much cardinality and may not even prove to be useful:

  • transfers between accounts with amount
  • voting/deposit amount from unique addresses

# Supported Metrics

Metric Description Unit Type
tx_count Total number of txs processed via DeliverTx tx counter
tx_successful Total number of successful txs processed via DeliverTx tx counter
tx_failed Total number of failed txs processed via DeliverTx tx counter
tx_gas_used The total amount of gas used by a tx gas gauge
tx_gas_wanted The total amount of gas requested by a tx gas gauge
tx_msg_send The total amount of tokens sent in a MsgSend (per denom) token gauge
tx_msg_withdraw_reward The total amount of tokens withdrawn in a MsgWithdrawDelegatorReward (per denom) token gauge
tx_msg_withdraw_commission The total amount of tokens withdrawn in a MsgWithdrawValidatorCommission (per denom) token gauge
tx_msg_delegate The total amount of tokens delegated in a MsgDelegate token gauge
tx_msg_begin_unbonding The total amount of tokens undelegated in a MsgUndelegate token gauge
tx_msg_begin_begin_redelegate The total amount of tokens redelegated in a MsgBeginRedelegate token gauge
tx_msg_ibc_transfer The total amount of tokens transferred via IBC in a MsgTransfer (source or sink chain) token gauge
ibc_transfer_packet_receive The total amount of tokens received in a FungibleTokenPacketData (source or sink chain) token gauge
new_account Total number of new accounts created account counter
gov_proposal Total number of governance proposals proposal counter
gov_vote Total number of governance votes for a proposal vote counter
gov_deposit Total number of governance deposits for a proposal deposit counter
staking_delegate Total number of delegations delegation counter
staking_undelegate Total number of undelegations undelegation counter
staking_redelegate Total number of redelegations redelegation counter
ibc_transfer_send Total number of IBC transfers sent from a chain (source or sink) transfer counter
ibc_transfer_receive Total number of IBC transfers received to a chain (source or sink) transfer counter
ibc_client_create Total number of clients created create counter
ibc_client_update Total number of client updates update counter
ibc_client_upgrade Total number of client upgrades upgrade counter
ibc_client_misbehaviour Total number of client misbehaviours misbehaviour counter
ibc_connection_open-init Total number of connection OpenInit handshakes handshake counter
ibc_connection_open-try Total number of connection OpenTry handshakes handshake counter
ibc_connection_open-ack Total number of connection OpenAck handshakes handshake counter
ibc_connection_open-confirm Total number of connection OpenConfirm handshakes handshake counter
ibc_channel_open-init Total number of channel OpenInit handshakes handshake counter
ibc_channel_open-try Total number of channel OpenTry handshakes handshake counter
ibc_channel_open-ack Total number of channel OpenAck handshakes handshake counter
ibc_channel_open-confirm Total number of channel OpenConfirm handshakes handshake counter
ibc_channel_close-init Total number of channel CloseInit handshakes handshake counter
ibc_channel_close-confirm Total number of channel CloseConfirm handshakes handshake counter
tx_msg_ibc_recv_packet Total number of IBC packets received packet counter
tx_msg_ibc_acknowledge_packet Total number of IBC packets acknowledged acknowledgement counter
ibc_timeout_packet Total number of IBC timeout packets timeout counter
abci_check_tx Duration of ABCI CheckTx ms summary
abci_deliver_tx Duration of ABCI DeliverTx ms summary
abci_commit Duration of ABCI Commit ms summary
abci_query Duration of ABCI Query ms summary
abci_begin_block Duration of ABCI BeginBlock ms summary
abci_end_block Duration of ABCI EndBlock ms summary
begin_blocker Duration of BeginBlock for a given module ms summary
end_blocker Duration of EndBlock for a given module ms summary
store_iavl_get Duration of an IAVL Store#Get call ms summary
store_iavl_set Duration of an IAVL Store#Set call ms summary
store_iavl_has Duration of an IAVL Store#Has call ms summary
store_iavl_delete Duration of an IAVL Store#Delete call ms summary
store_iavl_commit Duration of an IAVL Store#Commit call ms summary
store_iavl_query Duration of an IAVL Store#Query call ms summary
store_gaskv_get Duration of a GasKV Store#Get call ms summary
store_gaskv_set Duration of a GasKV Store#Set call ms summary
store_gaskv_has Duration of a GasKV Store#Has call ms summary
store_gaskv_delete Duration of a GasKV Store#Delete call ms summary
store_cachekv_get Duration of a CacheKV Store#Get call ms summary
store_cachekv_set Duration of a CacheKV Store#Set call ms summary
store_cachekv_write Duration of a CacheKV Store#Write call ms summary
store_cachekv_delete Duration of a CacheKV Store#Delete call ms summary

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