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Explore the SDK

Cosmos SDK is the world's most popular framework for building application-specific blockchains.

Learn Basics

Get a quick introduction to the Cosmos SDK and its key features, including its modular architecture and developer-friendly tools.

Build a Chain

Learn how to build a customized blockchain application using the Cosmos SDK, with support for various programming languages and consensus algorithms.

Build a Module

Dive deeper into the Cosmos SDK and learn how to create custom modules to extend the functionality of your blockchain application.

Node Operation

Learn how to set up and operate a full node on the Cosmos network, and become an active participant in the governance and decision-making processes of the ecosystem.

Join the Community

Connect with other developers, validators, and enthusiasts in the Cosmos ecosystem, and collaborate on building the future of decentralized applications.


Collaborative forum for the community to ask/answer questions, share information, discuss items and give feedbacks on the teams roadmaps.