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Version: v0.47


  • Introduction - Dive into the fundamentals of Cosmos SDK with an insightful introduction, laying the groundwork for understanding blockchain development. In this section we provide a High-Level Overview of the SDK, then dive deeper into Core concepts such as Application-Specific Blockchains, Blockchain Architecture, and finally we begin to explore what are the main components of the SDK.
  • Beginner - Start your journey with beginner-friendly resources in the Cosmos SDK's "Learn" section, providing a gentle entry point for newcomers to blockchain development. Here we focus on a little more detail, covering the Anatomy of a Cosmos SDK Application, Transaction Lifecycles, Accounts and lastly, Gas and Fees.
  • Advanced - Level up your Cosmos SDK expertise with advanced topics, tailored for experienced developers diving into intricate blockchain application development. We cover the Cosmos SDK on a lower level as we dive into the core of the SDK with BaseApp, Transactions, Context, Node Client (Daemon), Store, Encoding, gRPC, REST, and CometBFT Endpoints, CLI, Events, Telementry, Object-Capability Model, RunTx recovery middleware, Cosmos Blockchain Simulator, Protobuf Documentation, In-Place Store Migrations, Configuration and AutoCLI.