# List of Modules

Here are some production-grade modules that can be used in Cosmos SDK applications, along with their respective documentation:

  • Auth - Authentication of accounts and transactions for Cosmos SDK application.
  • Authz - Authorization for accounts to perform actions on behalf of other accounts.
  • Bank - Token transfer functionalities.
  • Capability - Object capability implementation.
  • Crisis - Halting the blockchain under certain circumstances (e.g. if an invariant is broken).
  • Distribution - Fee distribution, and staking token provision distribution.
  • Evidence - Evidence handling for double signing, misbehaviour, etc.
  • Governance - On-chain proposals and voting.
  • Mint - Creation of new units of staking token.
  • Params - Globally available parameter store.
  • Slashing - Validator punishment mechanisms.
  • Staking - Proof-of-Stake layer for public blockchains.
  • Upgrade - Software upgrades handling and coordination.

To learn more about the process of building modules, visit the building modules reference documentation.


The IBC module for the SDK has moved to its own repository (opens new window).