# x/epoching

# Abstract

The epoching module allows modules to queue messages for execution at a certain block height. Each module will have its own instance of the epoching module, this allows each module to have its own message queue and own duration for epochs.

# Example

In this example, we are creating an epochkeeper for a module that will be used by the module to queue messages to be executed at a later point in time.

Copy type Keeper struct { storeKey sdk.StoreKey cdc codec.BinaryMarshaler epochKeeper epochkeeper.Keeper } // NewKeeper creates a new staking Keeper instance func NewKeeper(cdc codec.BinaryMarshaler, key sdk.StoreKey) Keeper { return Keeper{ storeKey: key, cdc: cdc, epochKeeper: epochkeeper.NewKeeper(cdc, key), } }

# Contents

  1. State