# Parameters

The governance module contains the following parameters:

Key Type Example
depositparams object {"min_deposit":[{"denom":"uatom","amount":"10000000"}],"max_deposit_period":"172800000000000"}
votingparams object
tallyparams object

# SubKeys

Key Type Example
min_deposit array (coins) [{"denom":"uatom","amount":"10000000"}]
max_deposit_period string (time ns) "172800000000000"
voting_period string (time ns) "172800000000000"
quorum string (dec) "0.334000000000000000"
threshold string (dec) "0.500000000000000000"
veto string (dec) "0.334000000000000000"

NOTE: The governance module contains parameters that are objects unlike other modules. If only a subset of parameters are desired to be changed, only they need to be included and not the entire parameter object structure.