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Hubl is a tool that allows you to query any Cosmos SDK based blockchain. It takes advantage of the new AutoCLI feature of the Cosmos SDK.


Hubl can be installed using go install:

go install

Or build from source:

git clone --depth=1
make hubl

The binary will be located in tools/hubl.


hubl --help

Add chain

To configure a new chain just run this command using the --init flag and the name of the chain as it's listed in the chain registry (

If the chain is not listed in the chain registry, you can use any unique name.

hubl init [chain-name]
hubl init regen

The chain configuration is stored in ~/.hubl/config.toml.


When using an insecure gRPC endpoint, change the insecure field to true in the config file.

endpoint = 'localhost:9090'
insecure = true

Or use the --insecure flag:

hubl init regen --insecure


To query a chain, you can use the query command. Then specify which module you want to query and the query itself.

hubl regen query auth module-accounts