# Subspace

Subspace is a prefixed subspace of the parameter store. Each module which uses the parameter store will take a Subspace to isolate permission to access.

# Key

Parameter keys are human readable alphanumeric strings. A parameter for the key "ExampleParameter" is stored under []byte("SubspaceName" + "/" + "ExampleParameter"), where "SubspaceName" is the name of the subspace.

Subkeys are secondary parameter keys those are used along with a primary parameter key. Subkeys can be used for grouping or dynamic parameter key generation during runtime.

# KeyTable

All of the parameter keys that will be used should be registered at the compile time. KeyTable is essentially a map[string]attribute, where the string is a parameter key.

Currently, attribute consists of a reflect.Type, which indicates the parameter type to check that provided key and value are compatible and registered, as well as a function ValueValidatorFn to validate values.

Only primary keys have to be registered on the KeyTable. Subkeys inherit the attribute of the primary key.

# ParamSet

Modules often define parameters as a proto message. The generated struct can implement ParamSet interface to be used with the following methods:

  • KeyTable.RegisterParamSet(): registers all parameters in the struct
  • Subspace.{Get, Set}ParamSet(): Get to & Set from the struct

The implementor should be a pointer in order to use GetParamSet().