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Version: v0.50


  • Architecture - Overview and detailed explanation of the system architecture.
  • Building Apps - The documentation in this section will guide you through the process of developing your dApp using the Cosmos SDK framework.
  • Modules - Information about the various modules available in the Cosmos SDK: Auth, Authz, Bank, Crisis, Distribution, Evidence, Feegrant, Governance, Mint, Params, Slashing, Staking, Upgrade, NFT, Consensus, Circuit, Genutil.
  • Migrations - See what has been updated in each release the process of the transition between versions.
  • Packages - Explore a curated collection of pre-built modules and functionalities, streamlining the development process.
  • Tooling - A suite of utilities designed to enhance the development workflow, optimizing the efficiency of Cosmos SDK-based projects.
  • ADR's - Provides a structured repository of key decisions made during the development process, which have been documented and offers rationale behind key decisions being made.
  • RFC - A Request for Comments (RFC) is a record of discussion on an open-ended topic related to the design and implementation of the Cosmos SDK, for which no immediate decision is required.
  • Specifications - A detailed reference for the specifications of various components and features.
  • REST API - A comprehensive reference for the application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by the SDK.