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Version: v0.50


Advanced Tutorials‚Äč

This section provides a concise overview of tutorials focused on implementing vote extensions in the Cosmos SDK. Vote extensions are a powerful feature for enhancing the security and fairness of blockchain applications, particularly in scenarios like implementing oracles and mitigating auction front-running.

  • Implementing Oracle with Vote Extensions - This tutorial details how to use vote extensions for the implementation of a secure and reliable oracle within a blockchain application. It demonstrates the use of vote extensions to securely include oracle data submissions in blocks, ensuring the data's integrity and reliability for the blockchain.

  • Mitigating Auction Front-Running with Vote Extensions - Explore how to prevent auction front-running using vote extensions. This tutorial outlines the creation of a module aimed at mitigating front-running in nameservice auctions, emphasising the ExtendVote, PrepareProposal, and ProcessProposal functions to facilitate a fair auction process.